SciAmMind on fear, eTherapy and Brian Wilson

SciAmMindNov.jpgA new issue of Scientific American Mind has hit the shelves, and with it comes two freely available articles on their website. One asking “Can We Cure Fear?” and the other on The Promise of eTherapy.

Other articles, only available in the print edition to non-subscribers, include one on the use of drugs to prevent long-term memories from forming, and another on regulating anger.

One other print-only article that particualarly caught my eye is supposedly on Brian Wilson, musical genius behind the Beach Boys.

I’ve only read the intro on the website so far, which states “Perhaps no story better exemplifies how mental illness can free up creativity, then crush it, than that of Brian Wilson”.

I’m hoping the article gets better than that, as Brian Wilson is perhaps one of the best examples of how someone can maintain their creative genius after severe mental illness, as the recent critically acclaimed ‘Smile‘ album and tour have proved.

Link to SciAmMind website.
Link to article ‘Can we cure fear?’.
Link to article ‘The promise of eTherapy’.

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