Schizophrenia featured article on Wikipedia

Schizophrenia is today’s featured article on wikipedia and already activity has hit fever pitch.

It’s an article I’ve been quite heavily involved with over the last few years, and it has proved as much a project in diplomacy and fire fighting as it has in understanding the science and history of this complex diagnosis.

There are many contrasting (and at times conficting) views of schizophrenia and trying to balance all of these approaches to produce a rounded article has been an ongoing mission for the various regular editors of the article.

The article discussion page is full of some of the more memorable and ill-informed additions, including “Medication skipping schizos murder people everywhere” and someone threatening to contact CNN if their edits weren’t included.

Since it has been posted to the front page it has been the subject of both incisive and clarifying edits, as well as vandalism and unfounded sloganism.

Isn’t the internet great ? :/

Link to wikipedia entry on Schizophrenia.

One thought on “Schizophrenia featured article on Wikipedia”

  1. Ah yes. Contribution to Wikipedia is definitely an act of diplomacy as much as anything else.
    Though trying at times, the ad-hoc society that has been created through Wikipedia is mostly beautiful.
    Keep contributing!

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