2005-10-21 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:


New York Times on ‘Life Hackers‘ researching the interaction between humans and computers.

Neuroscientist Mike Merzenich interviewed on whether new technology is making us more intelligent or less.

Children born prematurely are to be studied to see how their brains adapt to damage.

Great article by Carl Zimmer on the new paper in the controversy over whether the ‘hobbit’ is a new species of human or person with microcephaly.

More on Clancy’s psychological research on self-confessed alien abductees.

BBC Radio 4 science programme Material Word on the development of music and language.

Mapping of immigation patterns in US show family, not economic reasons, are strongest influence.

Implant for deaf and hearing-impaired designed to boost music appreciation.

Vastly oversimplified neuroscience used to sell dating service.

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