2005-10-14 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:


Former wold champion boxer Frank Bruno admits cocaine may have played a part in his earlier mental breakdown.

The LA Times discusses a form of religious obsessiveness called scrupulosity.

A poem by Adrian Mitchell is chosen as the poem that most people would like to see launched into space for any other life forms to potentially read (encounter?).

A forensic lab worker is investigated for stealing human pituitary glands to dope racehorses.

1980’s photos from parties at an abandoned psychiatric hospital (via BoingBoing).

China opens an internet addiction clinic.

The brain’s language areas become more lateralised with age.

New research shows how HIV affects the brain (I can’t find the original scientific paper yet though).

Researchers ‘identify’ (doesn’t say how) influential words in CVs and job applications.

Early life stress can increase risk of memory loss in later life.

A former crack user talks about his addiction.

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