Online survey aims to prevent missing persons

worry_girl.jpgResearchers from the University of Sydney are asking anyone who has suffered from anxiety or depression to complete an online survey in a research project that is aiming to understand the role of mood and stress in motivating missing persons.

Nearly 2,000 people go missing in the UK every year, with other countries also having significant numbers of people who seemingly ‘disappear’.

It is thought that some people who do become missing may be suffering with problems of anxiety, stress, depression or low mood.

The University of Sydney study is asking people who are currently experiencing such difficulties, or who have experienced them in the past, to complete a short anonymous online questionnaire.

Importantly, you don’t have to have actually ‘gone missing’ yourself, only to have experienced anxiety or depression, although the study asks about the desire to leave your current situation.

The study aims to prevent further occurrences of people going missing through a better understanding of such thoughts and behaviour. It also plans to minimise the suffering of the families of missing people by providing the most appropriate services available.

Link to Missing Persons Study at the University of Sydney.

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