Are you fMRI experienced?

fMRI-Mini.jpgThe fMRI experience conference kicks off next Monday at Aston University, with the aim of encouraging new or less experienced researchers to mix with established scientists and ask the sort of burning questions that they might avoid in other symposia.

The conference is held annually in places all over the world and provides free training for those interested in psychology and neuroscience research.

I’m going to be there this Monday and Tuesday, and I’ve been kindly asked to co-chair the ‘Cognitive Neuroscience’ session on Tuesday morning with Kris Kinsey from Aston University, where I’ll certainly be taking the opportunity to question the experts and clear up grey areas in my own thinking.

It’s also a great opportunity to meet people and chat informally about mind and brain science. So, if you’re going to be there, come over and introduce yourself, as it would be great to meet you.

Link to fMRI experience website.

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