Jury decides Atkins is not retarded, death sentence imposed

In the face of contradictory IQ test results, a jury has decided that convicted US murderer Daryl Atkins is not legally retarded making him liable for the death penalty. Judge Prentis Smiley has set the execution date for December 2nd.

The decision has been based on evidence from psychological testing to determine whether Atkins’ IQ is above 70. Executing people considered legally retarded (defined as a sub-70 IQ) was outlawed by the US Supreme Court in 2002.

Atkins IQ score was put at 59 when first measured, although recent tests put it at 74 and 76.

The Atkins case and construction of IQ was discussed earlier on Mind Hacks.

Link to story “Jury says Atkins isn’t retarded” from dailypress.com.

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