NewSci special on deception

ns_20050730.jpgFor the third week in a row, New Scientist is full of mind and brain articles. This week, a special on the science of lying and deception.

The issue covers the psychology of lying, but also deception in the wider sense.

Mediums and fortune tellers are put under the spotlight. Even if some mediums are genuine, there must be many who aren’t, and yet still seem successful to their clients. One article analyses ‘cold reading’ and considers the techniques that could be used to give the impression of supernatural insight.

Another article looks at the psychology of stage magic, and the interview puts Derren Brown, television mind-manipulator (and Bristol University psychology graduate), in the hot seat.

Also for the third week in a row, none of the article are online, so it’s hard cash or the library for this one.

Link to New Scientist contents.

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