Art, mind and belief

jerusalem_doorway.jpgThe Haunch of Venison Gallery in London has a show that has collected art on the themes of mind and belief. It has pieces by a number of renowned contemporary artists, and includes an intriguing piece by Nathan Coley, who focuses on the Jerusalem syndrome.

This controversial condition was first identified by psychiatrist Yair Bar El, who claimed some people who ended up in psychiatric care in Jerusalem, were previously stable tourists who had become overwhelmed, and had distinct religious delusions that seemed to abate when they left the area.

Others have disputed the fact that these people were mentally stable beforehand, and argue that this was simply a case of pre-existing psychosis flavoured by the environment.

Coley’s contribution to the exhibition is a video about the syndrome, including interviews with psychiatrists who have encountered presumed cases in Jerusalem.

The show runs from 7th July to 25th August.

PDF of press release for show ‘Changes of Mind: Belief and Transformation’.
Link to story from The Guardian on the exhibition.
Link to Haunch of Venison Gallery.

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