2005-07-08 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:


Children who snore are more likely to have attention and hyperactivity problems.

Man links his Parkinson’s Disease with a sudden emergence of musical talent.

The Salt Lake Tribune discusses the crossover between cases of ‘possession’ and psychosis, and the role of psychiatry in treating the condition.

The effects of hypnosis on the brain are being teased apart with brain scanning studies.

“Guess I should have studied instead of watching Wrath of Khan” – Watching TV linked to poor academic performance in children.

The first melatonin based anti-depressant is released, suggesting a further link between the sleep cycle and depression.

Lab study suggests bisexual men do not show equal attraction to men and women. Is this a good analogy for sexual attraction in a complex social setting though?

Psychiatric Times has an article on “Are Genius and Madness Related? Contemporary Answers to an Ancient Question“.

Sleepwalking girl wakes up after climbing 130ft up a crane.

PsyBlog has a timely piece on the psychology of terrorist bombings.

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