2005-06-24 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:


Insightful, sardonic and often sharply witty blog, detailing the trials and tribulations of a mental health nurse (via PsyBlog)

Website from the Boundary Institute has online ‘Psi’ tests to look for extransensory abilities.

Raj Persaud takes us inside the mind of an adulterer, discussing the psychology of infidelity.

Violent video games activate similar brain areas to real violence.

The smell of male pheromones makes men more likely to opt for male lifestyle magazines than other titles.

Women are more afraid of dentists than men, research shows. Must be all those men’s lifestyle magazines in the waiting room.

Narcissicists seem better able to handle trauma than others.

Sex psychologist Petra Boynton critical of attempts to brain scan orgasm, but clarifies her comments after feedback.

Metafilter on what you think about when you’re not thinking about much.

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