2005-06-10 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:


A widely reported story suggests that Ashkenazi Jews may be genetically more likely to be highly intelligent. Full text of research paper here.

Psychometrics, the science of measuring the mind, has a long tradition in Maori culture.

Cool demonstration of the rapid afterimage effect. Doesn’t seem to work in Firefox though.

In the USA, about one in four adults have the symptoms of at least one mental illness every year, and nearly half suffer disorders during their lifetimes, says new government report.

Cognitive Daily has a fascinating article on how children learn to walk.

A short article discusses sites on the internet that seem to promote eating disorders.

BBC Radio 4 has a news story and a radio programme (archived as a realaudio stream) on controversial psychiatrist and alien abductee researcher John Mack.

Also on BBC Radio 4:

1) Leading Edge discusses IBM’s project to simulate the brain, mentioned previously on Mind Hacks.

2) Material World discusses the science of film and emotion.

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