Zoomquilt and the MAE

So one of the things that didn’t work so well at the Foyles talk was the demonstration of the Motion After Effect (or MAE to those of us who know and love it). Mick Porter has pointed out this animation zoomquilt which will definitely give you a good after-effect (thanks mick!). Zoom through the animation for a few cycles- you don’t need to focus on anything in particular, just look at the center- and then stop it. When stopped everything should swirl back in the opposite direction for a bit: the motion aftereffect.

Why interesting? Well, it shows that motion has dedicated represention in the brain, aside from just being computed from just location and time (which is all you theoretically need to calculate). The after-effect – a percept of motion without anything changing location – shows that motion is specifically represented somewhere in the brain (in area MT in the visual cortex as it happens) and can be fooled.

Also, you can show that the effect is occuring in your brain, rather than in your eyes, by looking at the animation with one eye and then looking at it stopped with the other. You should get the effect transfering across.

One thought on “Zoomquilt and the MAE”

  1. Zoomquilt

    Zoomquilt.org ist ein Projekt von mehreren K√ºnstlern, die ein ineinander√ºbegehendes, surrealistisches Bild geschaffen haben, bei dem Startpunkt und Endpunkt miteinander verschmelzen. Es geistert bestimmt schon ein halbes Jahr durchs Netz, sehenswert…

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