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Hello to Tom, Matt, Vaughan and the Mind Hacks viewing community. I’m Alex Fradera, and you may remember me from such hacks as Fake Familiarity, Make Yourself Happy and other fond favorites. If not, we can get acquainted, as I’ll be posting here for the foreseeable future.

In a cavernous nutshell:
I’m on the home stretch of a PhD on Time and Memory, which I’ve been studying at University College London in, well, London. I’m interested in a stack of mind/brain topics, but at least for now don’t intend on a high output of link-laden entries. I figure that this kind of format works best when everyone plays to their strengths and complement one another,and frankly I’m too verbose.

Instead, I’m going to pick some topics that I rate as particularly Mindhackish and go to town on them. I’m also going to have my roving reporter hat on, and give you research straight from the cows udder whenever I can. It’s the biggest perk of working in an academic environment that you get to hear research before it hits the journals, and invariably before it hits the press, so I’m going to pay my share forward. One drawback is that piping hot research hasn’t yet been peer reviewed, which means a lick of scepticism should be applied where appropriate (though on the plus side you do get to see scientists asked the one killer question they were hoping not to get). So I’ll apply that warning where appropriate. Now back to your scheduled programming.

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