Ones to watch

Two blogs I’ve just discovered and will be keeping an eye on are <a href="
“>Mixing Memory (who has recently done an excellent post on time perception, in two parts!) and Circadiana who has just started and promises:

‘This blog will be dedicated to tracking and commeting on the advances in the study of biological time, mainly circadian rhythms, but also other aspects of temporal biology, e.g., developmental timing.’

And to wet your appetite is this post Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sleep (But Were Too Afraid To Ask)

One thought on “Ones to watch”

  1. Several theories of looking like a sleepy ass for who knows how long

    Circadiana is about biological cycles like sleep, but also lung function, core temperature, hunger, menses, cancer, SAD, etc. Linked from there is somebody else’s more detailed encyclopedic thing about sleep, including some neuronal and chemical detail…

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