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Beards and Bowties is a wonderful animated short film about the outdated stereotypes of psychiatrists that still persist.

It’s been created by psychiatrist Kamran Ahmed and is a light-hearted exploration of how psychiatry is perceived by people he meets and others in the medical profession.

The film notes that the important speciality is stigmatised, not just by the general public but by other doctors, and it aims to show a more accurate picture of what psychiatry can be.

I note, however, that the film portrays other doctors and psychologists almost entirely as stereotypes, to the point where the psychiatrist shoves the bearded, pipe-smoking psychologist out of the way to show his medical certificate! Thanks colleague.

Psychodynamic types would probably mutter something about projective identification but I’d probably just mark it down as a little ironic.

However, the film is still hugely entertaining and captures the diversity of modern psychiatry.

Link to ‘Beards and Bowties’ on YouTube (via @rcpsych)

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  1. T.Waage
    Posted June 7, 2011 at 8:35 am | Permalink

    I applaud the effort to try to de-stigmatize psychiatric pasients. However, this short film unfortunately showcases the ignorance many psychiatrists have towards other mental health professions. I have also studied for 6 years to become a clinical psychologist. I didn’t have to “examine testicles” to do so, thank god, I was able to focus on more relevant topics for my future profession. While working in a psychiatric ward as a student I was shocked to see the incompetence of the doctors straight out of med school starint out on their specialization as psychiatrists. Many a time I, or one of my collegues, had to intervene on the pasients behalf. It’s sad to see an otherwise informative and charming film undermining itself by projecting onto psychologists the exact same prejudices that the filmmaker wishes to eradicate about psychiatry. While psychiatry as a medical specialty have vast recruitment problems, the same is not true about clinical psychology. Failing to recognize the expertise psychologists have will eventually marginalize psychiatrists out of mental health professions, and shows doctor’s lacking will to interdisciplinary cooperation which is so important in our field of work.

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