A quarter century of All in the Mind

A new series of BBC Radio 4’s All in the Mind has just kicked off and to celebrate 25 years of broadcasting they’ve just had three great episodes looking back on the last quarter century of psychology, neuroscience and mental health.

Each make for a interesting discussion of how science and attitudes have changed.

As per BBC usual, you can access the streamed versions at the links above, but you have to go to an entirely separate page for the podcasts.

And because there are no separate podcast pages for specific episodes, I’ve linked them directly below. Here’s hoping that in the next 25 years, the BBC can fix their website.

mp3 of ’25 years of understanding the brain’
mp3 of ‘What has psychology research taught us in the last 25 years?’
mp3 of ‘How have attitudes to mental health changed in the last 25 years?’