Sign O’ The Neuro Times

The Neuro Times is a fantastic new blog about the history of neurology written by a historian with a passion for the development of brain science.

The author is Stephen T Casper, whose own work has focused on how the US-UK collaborations and rivalries during the 20th century shaped our understanding of the brain.

Although the blog has a similar 20th slant it also casts its net a little wider making it a wonderful historical resource.

It has book reviews, profiles of influential neuroscientists from times past, and discussions of key moments and debates.

Excellent stuff.

Link to The Neuro Times (via @mocost)

Fringe benefits

Photo by Flickr user man kissing bird. Click for sourceThanks to everyone who came along to the Troublemaker’s Fringe last night and I hope you all enjoyed the evening as much as I did.

The slides for my talk “Don’t touch that dial! Technology Scares and the Media” are online as a PowerPoint file and everything was captured as audio recordings so you should be able check out the evening’s events, including Ben and Petra’s excellent talks, as they appear online.

Apparently, they’ll be a discussion kicking off on about some of the issues raised by the speakers, so I’ll keep you posted as the links appear.