Travels, posting frequency and Medellín

Apologies if Mind Hacks posts are a little irregular over the next week or so. I’m currently in the process of leaving London and moving to the beautiful city of Medellín, Colombia, where I’ll be working with some fantastic neuropsychiatrists at the Universidad de Antioquia and the Hospital Universitario San Vicente de Paúl.

I leave a week today and I shall be continuing with Mind Hacks although I might be a bit scrambled by the move and the jet lag for a while.

It looks like I shall be discovering a great deal about Latin American cognitive science over the next few months, so I’ll try to pass on some of the highlights here.

Other than that, normal service should continue!

If you’re interested in neuropsychiatry in Colombia, the open-access national psychiatry journal Revista Colombiana de Psiquiatría published a special issue last year that gave an impressive review of the area and it includes summaries in English.

Link to full-text of special issue.

4 thoughts on “Travels, posting frequency and Medellín”

  1. So, like, just up and suddenly moving to Colombia, hey?
    Well, I hope you won’t be too busy at the Universidad to keep this site updated with your usual panoply of fine links.
    And that you have a safe journey!

  2. Goodday

    I’m new here and just wanted to drop by with a little “hello” message (sorry if I have posted in the wrong section!)

    My name is Courtney, mom to two lovely boys, and a parttime soccer coach!

    I’m here to sniff around and gather some information, so please welcome me :O)

    Have a fantastic day!

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