The BIG questions

question_mark_2.jpgTo celebrate its 125th anniversary, Science magazine in America has published a series of free articles counting down the 125 biggest questions facing science in the next quarter century.

In second place is: “What is the biological basis of consciousness?”. Other top-25 entries of particular interest to Mind Hackers are: “How are memories stored and retrieved?”, and “How did cooperative behaviour evolve?”.

Brain Connection columnists

brain-2.jpgBrain Connection is a quality website discussing developments in neuroscience and psychology, and one of its highlights is the monthly column section.

The columnist, currently Robert Sylwester, tackles a different topic each month, and aims to relate current findings in neuroscience to everyday life.

Although Sylwester’s column has a slight slant towards the educational applications of recent research, the topics are diverse enough to interest the most eclectic of readers.

Brain Connection as a whole is a hugely useful site, as it not only explains many principles of cognitive science in an accessible manner, but has lots of free-to-use resources online for anyone wanting to add graphics, animations or useful links to their own presentations.

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Link to BrainConnection columists.

2005-07-01 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:


Cornell researchers propose a move to a more ‘organic’ model of the mind.

Psychologists, writing in Current Directions in Psychological Science, give three reasons not to believe in an autism epidemic.

PsyBlog has a satirical take on Tom Cruise’s comments on psychology and psychiatry.

A team has developed a way of using fMRI to do pre-surgery assessment of people with life-threatening epilepsy, instead of having to implant electrodes into the brain.

Hypnosis can help overcome our automatic responses and seems to alter the function of the regulation and control areas in the brain.

BrainBlog points to some fantastic online resources for understanding and analysing fMRI data.

Piece from the Guardian on the neuropsychology of belief.

WTF ? : Erotic telepathy.