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The football cure / addiction

A psychologist from the University of Alabama says American football can absolutely heal the trauma that the deadly April tornados left behind but be careful because there is a risk you could suffer from football addiction. Clearly true because he says so in a priceless TV interview and the university backed it up in a […]

Minding your own business

I’m just reading a review copy of Steven Pinker’s (excellent) new book The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined. This section, on how moral motivation is over-rated as a control on violence, just made me laugh out loud. The human moral sense can excuse any atrocity in the minds of those who […]


Some amazing brain graffiti found this morning, on the side of a derelict factory, on Bogotá’s Carrera 30, near to the Transmilenio station CAD. This is the second example of brain graffiti I’ve seen after finding the ‘Bogotá Neuronaut’ while I’ve only found one in Medellín so far.

The brain melting internet

Susan Greenfield has been wibbling to the media again about how the internet is melting the brains of young children. Quite frankly, I’ve become fed up with discussing the evidence that refutes such outlandish claims but The Lay Scientist has a brilliant parody that manages to catch the main thrust behind her argument. I thought […]

Couch of desire

‘Sleaze’ books were cheap exploitation paperbacks written in the 1950s and sold to anyone with 50 cents to spare. A popular subgenre was psychiatrist’s couch bodice ripper that revealed the secrets of sexually frustrated patients or the lurid downfall of predatory doctors. They often turn up on eBay searches or can be tracked down through […]

They’re Made Out of Meat!

“They’re Made Out of Meat” is a short story by Terry Bisson. It’s a great riff on the improbability of the human situation, and particularly relevant to psychologists (e.g. “So … what does the thinking?”) The full text is here. The story has its own wikipedia page, and there’s a YouTube film here. Now, for […]

The neurology of the undead

Wired has an excellent neurological guide to surviving the zombie holocaust that will keep you one shamble ahead when the undead attack.     The article and the wonderful accompanying infographics were inspired by the work of neuroscientist Bradley Voyek who, when he is not poking around in the decaying brains of zombies, looks at […]

Brain’s hot mess centre discovered

Wake up in the morning feeling like R-Sperry…   Link to (original?) image on Beats not Bombs tumblr (via @pepperbee)

Pink fluffy cat ears – controlled by brain waves

Wired UK have documented how another barrier in the fashion revolution has come crashing down. A Japanese company called Neurowear have created pink brainwave-controlled cat ears for humans. The company claim that they stand up when you concentrate and lay flat when you relax. However, as the ears almost certainly pick up on different EEG […]

Parents a risk factor for psychological maladjustment

The Onion has a funny story with the headline ‘Man Raised By Parents Struggling To Adjust To Human Society’. MINNEAPOLIS—Two years after his discovery by a team of developmental psychologists, David Sullivan, a man raised by a pair of mated parents, is still struggling to adapt to normal human society, sources confirmed Friday. According to […]

Five ways to boost your intelligence – now!

1. Talk to lots of high falutin’ people 2. Perfect a knowing smile 3. Name drop obscure Russian authors 4. Grow a beard and wear with matching tweed jacket or floral print dress HAVE YOU TRIED OUR PENIS ENLARGEMENT PILLS? 5. Make disdainful comments about popular entertainment

A symphony of synapses

Those autotune-friendly science remix chaps Symphony of Science have just released a new track called ‘Ode to the Brain!’ about our favourite piece of pinkish grey sludge. As well as being a decent track, it is also a piece of useful recycling as it incorporates several of the dodgiest bits of popular neuroscience into a […]

Existential internet states

Thought Catalog has an amusing and unsettlingly accurate piece on ‘Five Emotions Invented by the Internet’ which has a series of existential feelings uniquely evoked by our favourite worldwide communication network. The state of being ‘installed’ at a computer or laptop for an extended period of time without purpose, characterized by a blurry, formless anxiety […]

Funky shit

In the debate about the ability of language to adequately describe conscious experience, jazzed-out rappers The Jungle Brothers came out firmly behind the skeptical position of philosopher of mind Eric Schwitzgebel with their 1997 track ‘Brain’. In the 2007 book Describing Inner Experience? Proponent Meets Skeptic psychologist Russell Hurlburt argued that modern research methods make […]

Brain area for empty news stories discovered

Satirical website Newsbiscuit has a cutting article making fun of the regular ‘brain scans show…’ news items that are a staple of the popular science pages. Scientists are heralding a breakthrough in brain scan technology after a team at Oxford University produced full colour images of a human brain that shows nothing of any significance. […]

I’m Gladwell to hear it

The Malcolm Gladwell Book Generator is simultaneously a very silly and a very funny website that generates Malcolm Gladwell books from a parallel universe. If you never knew you wanted to read: “The Tripping Point: How Psychoactive Substances Created a… Wait, I Can’t Feel My Face Bro” or “The Paradox Paradox: Why Nobody Gives a […]


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