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Freaky brain tongue graffiti

You wait all year for neuroscience themed graffiti and then two come along in a week. This was found on Carrera 31 in Medellín yesterday morning. It turns out that over the years I’ve managed to collect a fair amount of brain-themed graffiti for Mind Hacks, which you can browse at your pleasure here. And […]

Brain digger in Medellín

A digger scooping the brain of a blue man, found earlier this week in Medellín, on Calle 67, just by the metro station Hospital. The text translates as ‘changing forests for cement’ but has been scratched on after the original artwork, presumably by someone who isn’t familiar with the industrial brain digger industry and its […]

Spray can happy pills

Psychopharmacological brain graffiti found on a car park wall in Dalston in East London.

East London brain cyborg

Graffiti of a brain-driven one-eyed cyborg found peering round a lamp post, just off Sclater Street in London’s East End, yesterday.

The bathroom of the mind

The latest issue of The Psychologist has hit the shelves and it has a freely available and suprisingly thought-provoking article about bathroom psychology. If you’re thinking it’s an excuse for cheap jokes you’d be mistaken as takes a genuine and inquisitive look at why so little psychology, Freud excepted, has been concerned with one of […]

Graffiti brain collision

An unfortunate case of a high-impact graffiti-based neurotrauma recorded this afternoon in Bogotá on the corner of Carrera 14 and Calle 26 near the Cementerio Central.  

I am yours for 2 coppers

I’ve just found a wonderful 1973 study on the psychoanalysis of graffiti that discusses how unconscious desires might be expressed through public scrawlings. It has a completely charming table that compares graffiti from A.D. 79 Pompeii with 1960’s Los Angeles to demonstrate the similarity of themes across the centuries.     The author concludes that […]

Zombie brain-eating sex kitten

Bogotá comes up with a smackdown in the Colombia brain graffiti stakes with a zombie brain-eating sex kitten found on a car park wall near Avenida Calle 63 con Carrera 17 this morning.     Medellín, represent! UPDATE: A bit of Google Fu turns up the blog of the graffiti artist Saint Cat with some […]


Some amazing brain graffiti found this morning, on the side of a derelict factory, on Bogotá’s Carrera 30, near to the Transmilenio station CAD. This is the second example of brain graffiti I’ve seen after finding the ‘Bogotá Neuronaut’ while I’ve only found one in Medellín so far.

Bogotá neuronaut

Some futuristic brain graffiti found in the centre of Bogotá. You may remember I found some futuristic brain graffiti in the centre of Colombia’s second city, Medellín, in 2009. Coincidence, I think not.

Going up in smoke

Some amazing graffiti art which has recently appeared in the Colombian city of Medellín near the Hospital metro station. Medellín has the most amazing street art of any city I’ve ever been too, much of it genuinely beautiful, and often quite socially conscious, in contrast to the gangsta style that pervades many urban landscapes.   […]

Señor Roboto

Some impressive graffiti of a brain-powered robot from the future, found on a wall near the Hospital San Vicente de Paúl in Medellín.

Liberation psychology graffiti

I’ve just seen my first genuine piece of psychology graffiti. The picture is from a wall in Universidad de Antioquia and the graffiti is promoting a conference on the application of ‘liberation psychology’ to preventing violence and helping the victims of violence in Colombia. The text in Spanish is roughly translated as “We propose a […]


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