This is how stigma works

Sussex Police issue a statement about ‘Concern for missing Chichester man’, ITN News report it as ‘Police warn public over missing mental health patient’.

Sussex police:

Police are appealing for information about missing 43-year old Jason Merriman, who left The Oaklands Centre for Acute Care in Chichester on unescorted leave at 12.45pm on Friday 11 April. He was due back the same afternoon but has so far failed to return.
There are concerns for Jason’s welfare as he has mental health problems, and police advise that he is not approached by members of the public.

ITN News:

A mental health patient who has been missing from a care unit in Chichester for more than a day should not be approached by the public, police have warned.

Amazing really – (via @Sectioned_)


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    Reblogged this on Bleached Bone Valley and commented:
    I rarely reblog anything, let alone two posts in a day. I think this is a damn good reason to make an exception.

    I’d like to say this is “unbelievable”, but we all know it’s not.

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    It’s always quite depressing the level of sigma and intolerance demonstrated by some people and organisations. I think it makes it all the more important to always be as tolerable and open minded as one can!

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    Well, it does sort of depend on what mental health issues he has… he could actually be dangerous…

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    You are

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