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Stroop: an unrecognised legacy

The man who discovered the Stroop effect and created the Stroop test, something which is now a keystone of cognitive science research, never realised the massive impact he had on psychology. A short but fascinating news item from Vanderbilt University discusses its creator, the psychologist and preacher J. Ridley Stroop. J. Ridley Stroop was born […]

Interviews at the Frontier

The BBC Radio 4 Exchanges at the Frontier series has just concluded and it includes interviews with the likes of Kay Redfield Jamison and Human Brain Project leader Henry Markram. They’re all online as podcasts. All the interviews are done by philosopher A.C. Grayling and for a BBC talking shop are remarkably good fun. Even […]

Spike activity 28-02-2014

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news: Can Baby Brain Scans Predict Later Cognitive Development? asks Neuroskeptic. The Economist debates the difference between a dialect and a language. Love with Robots. An interesting piece of graphic novel-esque reporting from Narratively about intimacy with digital beings and robots. Interesting new neuroscience blog […]


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