Monthly Archives: March 2011

A mental map of city street drugs

Urbanite has a fascinating article on researchers who are attempting to map drug users’ minds onto the city streets. They are giving addicts GPS-enabled PDAs that ask the participants to rate their psychological state as they move around Baltimore. By using pre-existing maps of the city that chart things like neighbourhood poverty and local drug […]

Capturing waves of electricity

BBC Radio 4’s Case Notes has an excellent edition on epilepsy that covers everything from the changes in consciousness during seizures to the use of brain surgery to treat the condition. It’s a pretty straightforward discussion but you’ll likely not find a better introduction to the neurological disorder, what it does and how it’s treated. […]

Infested by the Wizard of Oz

Jay Traver had begun to notice an uncomfortable crawling sensation under her skin. Scalp spots had bothered her for years but despite her best efforts – she was, after all, a renowned professor of zoology – she couldn’t identify the parasites. Over the seasons the bugs had spread across her body and eventually invaded her […]


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