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Señor Roboto

Some impressive graffiti of a brain-powered robot from the future, found on a wall near the Hospital San Vicente de Paúl in Medellín.

Dr Smile

The Philip K. Dick novel The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch features a portable device which allows patients to consult with the virtual psychiatrist Dr Smile. If I’m not mistaken, the system seems to have re-invented by this research team: Virtual patient: a photo-real virtual human for VR-based therapy Stud Health Technol Inform. 2004;98:154-6. Kiss […]

I only read it for the articles

The Economist has a delightful article on how we self-justify our dubious behaviour after the event using spurious reasons. It turns out we often deceive ourselves into believing that our hastily constructed justifications are genuinely what motivated us. The article riffs on a recent study by marketing researchers Zoë Chance and Michael Norton, who asked […]

Brain wave furniture

The Neurocritic has found this wonderful designer sofa made around EEG or ‘brain wave’ data captured from artist Lucas Maassen, who also created the wonderful piece of furniture. There’s more about the construction of the piece on a page on Maassen’s website, but it’s running a bit slow at the moment, so you may need […]

Johnson and the Nutt Sack

As regular readers will know, we often note the passing of the regular British ritual where the UK government asks a group of scientific advisers to give evidence on the harmfulness of drugs and then ignores them. The unwritten rule is that everyone feigns mild exasperation and then goes about their business as if nothing […]

Rare ‘shell shock’ footage online

One of the most important films in the history of psychiatry, depicting treatment of ‘shell shocked’ British soldiers during World War One, has just been made freely available online by UK medical charity the Wellcome Trust who are currently releasing lots of their archive footage. The film was made by Sir Arthur Hurst in 1917 […]

Final destination, Golden Gate Bridge

There’s a remarkable article on the world’s most popular suicide spot, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, in the latest American Journal of Psychiatry. The article has several case studies of people who have died from jumping from the bridge and some fascinating quotes from one of the few people who have survived their attempts. It […]


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