The wall in the heads

Photo by Flickr user Photos o' Randomness. Click for sourceLooking back on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Somatosphere discusses how the wall became incorporated into German psychological theories as a diagnosis, a metaphor and a social force.

Apparently, an East German psychiatrist even went as far as suggesting a specific diagnosis of ‘the wall disorder’:

“…the book Die Berliner Mauerkrankheit (The Berlin wall disease) written by a prominent East German psychiatrist, Dietfried M√ºller-Hegemann (1973), shortly after the building of the Berlin Wall in 1961 (but not published until after his emigration to the West). M√ºller-Hegemann drew on his collection of patient histories to highlight the deleterious social and psychological consequences of a society encircled by the wall. He investigated what Berliners had already started to talk about‚Äîwhether the newly built wall was causing a novel psychological disease: ‚Äúthe wall disorder,‚Äù

Link to Somatosphere on the Berlin Wall in German psychology.

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