Monthly Archives: October 2009

Do antidepressants cause mud flinging?

Prospect magazine has an interesting article covering psychologist Irving Kirsch’s widely publicised meta-analyses that have questioned whether Prozac-style SSRI antidepressants are any better than placebo. Kirsch has become well known for requesting unpublished trial data via the US Freedom of Information Act and pooling it with the published evidence. The conclusion of his latest re-analysis […]

Anxiety, an unauthorised biography

The New York Times has an absolutely fantastic article on the psychology and neuroscience of anxiety and how an anxious temperament at birth can ebb and flow during our lifetime. It’s an in-depth article that really does justice to the topic, looking at extensive research into our anxious states, but also carefully questioning some of […]

2009-10-02 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news: <img align="left" src="; width="102" height="120" USA Today has an interesting piece on how social networking sites are becoming research targets in health and psychology. The oft-replicated finding in relationship research that, on average, women would be most hurt by romantic betrayal and men by […]

Colbert on snus and placebo

Stephen Colbert did a brilliantly funny piece on his show the other night, tackling the introduction of ‘snus‘ to the USA, tobacco pouches that fit under the lip, and the increasing placebo effect, a topic which we discussed recently. Colbert tries the snus pouches on the programme, which, I have to say, seem remarkably uninviting, […]


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