Disembodied voices of joy, silence and rage

ABC Radio National’s All in the Mind has a powerful and moving programme on the experience of ‘hearing voices’ that meets with two young women with quite different experiences of auditory hallucinations.

One of the young women, Kat, has largely positive voices and has come to understand and work with them, while another, Mel, has an abusive and taunting voice that has clearly caused a huge amount of distress and impairment.

Mel’s story is difficult to hear in parts and the programme starkly illustrates the range of experiences that accompany auditory hallucinations.

The piece also tackles current ideas and approaches to ‘hearing voices’, from the medical and scientific to the grassroots and social approach of the Hearing Voices Network.

There’s also an equally powerful video interview on the AITM site at the link below.

Link to AITM on ‘Hearing Voices: stories from the coalface’.

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