Been there, done that, gone back in time, got the tshirt

Last Exit to Nowhere are an online retailer who do fantastic tshirts of logos from fictional companies. This t-shirt is for Skynet, the corporation from the Terminator movies who create the artificially intelligent military network that becomes sentient and starts a war on humans.

In fact, there’s loads of cognitive science themed t-shirts, including companies from Bladerunner, Total Recall, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Robocop, 2001 and so on.

The Skynet t-shirt is my favourite although you should clearly deactivate any cognitive scientist wearing it without a trace of irony.

By the way, the UK military communications network is called Skynet. Only funny if you don’t think about it too hard.

Link to Last Exit to Nowhere.
Link to Skynet t-shirt.


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    I am proud owner of “Nexus 6 (off-world/combat model) by Tyrell Corporation” T-shirt

  2. Posted September 10, 2009 at 10:45 am | Permalink

    Another good site for referential T-shirts is Found Item Clothing ( They specialize in T-shirts that are seen in movies and TV shows. So you can get, for example, the “I (heart) Nuclear Waste” shirt from Real Genius, or Murdock’s “Napoleon” shirt from “The A Team”.

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