Instant reflex may reveal brain injury after knock out

I’ve just found a fascinating video clip reporting on newly discovered reflex action that occurs after a knockout blow. The researchers scoured YouTube for videos of nasty bangs the head and found many examples of the reflex appearing in people as they hit the deck.

The news clip is a a bit American (Americans, if you’re not sure what this means, to us, all your news seems like this) but includes some video clips which illustrate the response in sportsmen who have been knocked out.

The researchers who have discovered the response have named it the ‘fencing response’ apparently because it looks like the en gard position in fencing – presumably though, only if you’ve never actually seen any fencing.

It actually looks more like the boxing stance with both hands out in front with elbows bent.

They suggest in their study that the response is a visible marker of moderate brain injury.

Link to news clip on the ‘fencing response’.
Link to abstract of study.

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  1. Kate Orman
    Posted September 12, 2009 at 3:26 am | Permalink

    OMG. I watched half of that news clip before I realised it was fake. It was the anchor’s wig that give it away!

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