Encephalon 72 launches new range

The 72nd edition of the Encephalon psychology and neuroscience writing carnival has seemingly been taken over by Apple and transformed into the iCephalon carnival, which is much the same but costs more and has a hipster fan club.

A couple of my favourites includes a damning review of the new US psychiatric drama ‘Mental’ from The Neurocritic, and news that while tall people have higher status, high-status individuals also look taller, from Neurotopia.

There’s a whole range of shiny new text products being introduced so head on over to Cognitive Daily who are the generous hosts for this fortnight’s edition.

Link to Encephalon 72.

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  1. Posted June 9, 2009 at 5:30 pm | Permalink

    If top-notch scientists or hard nose scholars dismised evolutionary psychology as a true model of human behaviour (because it is a post hoc exercise or a simple elaboration of “just so sotories”) why from time to time always EP hit the headlines with nuances about its premises.
    I wonder if Napoleon… was tall or not.

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