Reminiscence tickets competition

The lovely production team behind the London neurology and reality play Reminiscence have been kind enough to offer Mind Hacks readers the chance to win two tickets to see the piece on the date of your choice.

It runs until the 20th September in Jackson’s Lane Theatre in Highgate and all you have to do to enter is just email before about 9am Friday Morning (Queen’s Standard Time) when I shall stick all the email addresses into a spreadsheet, sort by a randomly generated number, and pick out the one on top.

If you want enter, just send an email to:

I’ve caught it in rehearsal and shall be seeing it ‘live’ for the first time tonight, and I can’t wait!

Just to reiterate, I’m not financially connected to the play in anyway but have had the pleasure of working with the team to discuss the mind, brain and disturbances of reality and I hope as many people get to see it as possible.

Link to more information in earlier post.

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