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For those wanting an update on the ‘phone network causes suicide’ nonsense that inexplicably made it onto the front page on a national newspaper, Ben Goldacre over at Bad Science contacted the person behind the story who apparently claims to have ‘lost’ the data behind the nonsensical claims.

I contacted Dr Coghill, since his work is now a matter of great public concern, and it is vital his evidence can be properly assessed. He was unable to give me the data. No paper has been published. He himself would not describe the work as a “study”. There are no statistics presented on it, and I cannot see the raw figures. In fact Dr Coghill tells me he has lost the figures. Despite its potentially massive public health importance, Dr Coghill is sadly unable to make his material assessable.

The claims didn’t even make sense as they were reported, and the fact this sort of rubbish managed to get on the front page of a paper is quite shocking.

Bad Science does a great job of picking up on all the bizarre angles of this ‘funny if it wasn’t so influential’ piece of headline scaremongering.

Link to Bad Science on Coghill nonsense.

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  1. tin man
    Posted July 3, 2008 at 9:52 pm | Permalink

    OK, now what about the “cell phones cause brain cancer” theory?

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