Best of the Brain

A book called Best of the Brain from Scientific American (ISBN 1932594221) turned up unannounced the other day, and so far, I’m very impressed with it.

It’s a collection of twenty one of the most notable mind and brain articles from past issues of SciAm collected in a single volume.

I feel a bit reticent about waxing lyrical about a free book I’ve been sent, but I have to admit, I quite a fan of SciAm and SciAmMind, not least because they always make two feature articles from every issue freely available online which allows you judge the quality for yourself.

In fact, several of the articles from the book have already been made available online:

The Addicted Brain

Unleashing Creativity

Decoding Schizophrenia

Treating Depression: Pills or Talk

Controlling Robots with the Mind

Thinking Out Loud

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem if the book’s a table of contents is online, as you could get a better idea of the diversity of topics that are covered.

Essentially, if you’re a fan of SciAm psychology and neuroscience writing, you’ll probably like this book. It’s really a greatest hits collection.

As this is the first unsolicited book I’ve been sent, a couple of clarifications. Readers: I’ll always say if a book I mention has been sent to me for free. Publishers: I won’t mention your book just because you’ve sent it to me.

Link to more info on the book.

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