2007-03-23 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

A man with a sleep disorder that causes him to have violent outbursts in his sleep is discussed by BBC News.

Cognitive Daily asks whether “racing” video games cause reckless driving.

A computer that ‘tunes in’ to the user’s mood and reacts emotionally is covered by New Scientist (with video).

Blog Around the Clock has choice selection of recent Science Daily mind and brain stories.

BBC News on a study suggesting the attractiveness of the accused affects the judgement of the jury.

Strange loops, alpha oscillations and consciousness. Developing Intelligence investigates.

PBS reports on a brain surgeon who has developed brain cancer and has to make critical decisions he usually reserves for his patients.

Neurophilosopher reports that people with damage to areas of the frontal lobes can make moral decisions based on the greater good of the community, unclouded by concerns over harming an individual.

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