2007-03-09 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

Prof Philip Zimbardo, of ‘Stanford Prison Experiment‘ fame, slams the US Government and the Abu Ghraib scandal in his outgoing speech.

Developing Intelligence examines the possible role of dopamine in the binding problem and consciousness.

How I tamed the voices in my head – a fantastic story in the Independent about hearing and dealing with voices.

An amazing demo of what we remember visually, and why is put online by Cognitive Daily.

The BBC reports that the use of hyperactivity drugs for children soars worldwide.

Neurontic ponders why we have a nervous system in our stomachs.

Is Your Memory Erased While You Sleep? asks Scientific American.

OmniBrain discovers that a court ruled that a bankruptcy website passed the Turing test.

Compulsive hoarding in the digital age. A curious form of psychopathology sees its expression in collections of digital media.

Neurophilosopher looks at a brainwave-reading video game controller!

An ethical code to prevent humans abusing robots, and vice versa, is being drawn up by South Korea.

Nature reports on research suggesting biblical accounts of violence can spark actual aggression, particularly in believers.

Sex doesn’t sell, particularly for women, according to research discussed in the Economist.

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  1. RalfM
    Posted March 12, 2007 at 6:19 am | Permalink

    Re memory and sleep, there is also some work showing that we can strengthen storage of new information through use of scents while learning, and then again while sleeping. See
    for a bunch of links wrt an upcoming Science article.

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