2006-12-01 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

Fascinating article on why the study of watch-makers has linked ambidexterity to self-reflection.

Slate has a skeptical article on the recent research on the neuroscience of ‘speaking in tongues’.

Psyblog collects a series of recent internet writing on emotion as part of an ongoing series.

A radio programme on NPR discusses new research that suggests that a gene linked to brain development may influence handedness.

Bookslut has a review of Gerald Edelman’s new book on consciousness.

Lots of video clips online from a 60 Minutes documentary on the use of beta-blocker propranolol to prevent disturbing memories and PTSD after trauma.

A blind man reportedly experiences déjà vu Рsuggesting a sight-based theory of the curious memory effect may be false.

The New York Sun has a fascinating analysis of Freud in light of Nietzsche’s analysis of the human mind: Freud’s Will to Power.

Developing Intelligence is back after a short break with two fantastic articles on understanding and treating traumatic brain injury.

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