Brain shake

Alright, hold tight
I want to ball tonight
On my fender, no space defender
I enjoy it on the floor, I get it tight
Toe to toe with a black widow
Fee Fia Foo smell the blood of rock ‘n’ roll
All night drive on the rockin’ suicide
My feet are jumping, she’s a joy to ride
Joy to ride, a joy to ride
She’s an all night drive on the rockin’ suicide

And it’s a brain shake, brain shake, brain shake
All I can take
Brain shake, brain shake, brain shake

Rock group AC/DC give a timely warning about the dangers of diffuse axonal injury when going “toe to toe with a black widow” in their 1983 song Brain Shake.

As the song is presumably a reference to having sex, you’d be having to be doing something really quite frightening to risk diffuse axonal injury, which is a tear in the brain’s white matter that usually occurs after the brain is shaken by a serious fall or car crash.

Perhaps Brian Johnson and his bandmates might consider using a future song to warn about the more realistic dangers of stroke during sex in those with patent foramen ovale, a congenital heart defect?

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