Mental health first aid

MHFA_logo_small.gifWhile many people will get first aid training through school, college or work, few will be taught what to do when they encounter someone who is experiencing severe mental illness and needs help.

An Australian campaign is now trying to remedy the situation by running mental health first aid courses that teaches people the skills they need in an emergency situation with someone who is, for example, suicidal or suffering from severe psychosis.

The campaign also has a website with information and advice so you can educate yourself, wherever you live, so you can help people in crises.

The course manual is online as a pdf file and there’s also some brief advice which is suitable for all situations in which someone might have mental health difficulties.

Apparently, the campaign is going to be launched world-wide, so hopefully courses will be coming to a location near you.

Link to Mental Health First Aid website.

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