Directing dreams with sky orchestras

sky_orchestra.jpgArtist Luke Jerram is working with sleep scientists to create a device that could direct the content of dreams.

Jerram is working with psychologists Drs Chris Alford and Jennie Parker to create and test a machine that uses sound in an effort to shape the individual dreamer’s experience.

It was inspired by Sky Orchestra, another project of Jerram’s that sent an orchestra of hot-air balloons into the sky to play sounds to a sleeping population to affect their dreams on a city-wide scale.

There is a video (wmv) of the ‘orchestra’ in action and it seems a truly beautiful way to be bathed in sound during the twilight of consciousness.

There’s more music from the sky orchestra at this site, so you can try out the effects for yourself.

Link to Dream Director web page.
Link to Sky Orchestra web page.

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