2006-05-12 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:


The New York Times examines the factors that contribute to exceptional talents and ‘expert performance‘.

Cognitive Daily analyses research that shows that hypnotism can abolish the Stroop effect.

New Scientist reports that women can pick out which men are child-friendly by looking at their faces. See also pdf of scientific paper. (via BB).

People with autism show different brain activity during resting or ‘day dreaming’ times than others, reports brain-imaging study.

Nobel-prizewinning neuroscientist Eric Kandel is profiled by The Loom’s Carl Zimmer. With audio interview and sample chapter of Kandel’s memoir.

Coventry University starts a two-year postgraduate degree course in parapsychology (via anomalist)

BrainEthics looks at the contribution of genetics to cognition, inspired by a special issue on the topic from the journal Behavior Genetics.

YouTube video of newly developed android woman!

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