The ‘hikikomori’ phenomenon

hikikomori_image.jpgWikipedia has a fascinating article on the phenomenon of hikikomori – where large numbers of Japanese adolescents are socially withdrawing, often to the extent of seeking extreme isolation and self-confinement, presumably due to various personal and social difficulties.

Although the article hints that hikikomori is considered a phenomenon of medical concern, there’s very little written about it in the medical literature catalogued on PubMed.

This may suggest that the (largely Western) medical literature has not touched on the subject, or that the phenomenon is not usually considered of psychiatric importance, even in Japan.

There’s plenty of links to news sources discussing the phenomena on the Wikipedia page, but I’ve not been able to find many substantial english language articles written for scientific or academic publications.

Any pointers greatfully received…

Link to Wikipedia article on ‘Hikikomori’.

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