2005-08-12 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:


Threaten a man’s masculinity, and he’s more likely to support the war in Iraq, want to ban gay marriage and buy an SUV. Makes you wonder what George Bush’s homelife is like…

New York Times reviews Clancy’s book on the psychology of self-confessed alien abductees.

Meanwhile, the The Guardian asks where have all the aliens gone?

An audience participation play at the Edinburgh Festival about a traumatic therapy session has employed a psychologist in case anyone gets traumatised!

Thoughts reads‘ via brain scans (should be ‘Journalists’ bamboozled via brain scans).

Simon Baron-Cohen outlines his systematising / empathising theory in the New York Times.

The Register report on the recent artificial intelligence conference in Edinburgh.

Mixing Memory on how word gender affects how people think.

Remote control humans!

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