Cannabis and psychosis: The evidence

cannabis_leaf.jpgThe BBC recently aired an edition of current affairs programme Panorama on cannabis and psychosis. If you missed it, they’ve summarised current research on possible links between cannabis and severe mental illness on their website.

Although most people who smoke cannabis will not develop psychosis, the evidence for a link is now growing. The risk seems greater if users start younger and use in greater amounts.

It has recently been reported that those with forms of the COMT genes, known as a val-val combination, are particularly at risk.

The BBC website also has a page for those wanting more information or support concerning cannabis use and / or mental health.

Links to BBC webpages:
* Cannabis and psychosis: the key research.
* Interview with Dr Philip Robson on cannabis and psychosis.
* Interview with Dr Robin Murray on cannabis and our genes.


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    The sad thing here is that if a positive link is found and there is a real danger, no one will take it seriously due to so many years of misinformation about marijuana and other illegal drugs. They have cried wolf for so long that they risk being ignored completely.

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    Tripp(el) Helix

    ƒr hela den moderna genetiken och den samtida dogman om livets minsta bestÂndsdelar resultatet av en LSD-tripp? Collision Detection refererar…

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