Am I genetic ?

A new three-part series called Two’s a Crowd has started on BBC Radio 4, tackling the the biology of personal identity.

It got a few trailers on air, but has otherwise slipped surruptitiously onto the schedule with not so much as a supporting web page. Luckily, the programme is available as a realaudio archive for a week after each show has been aired (Tuesdays, 11am GMT).

A particular focus is the possible biological bases of personality, particularly with reference to the so-called ‘big five‘ personality traits, that have come to dominate personality research.

BBC, if you’re listening, any chance of some supporting information on the web ? It seems too good a series to be lost among the schedule.

Link to realaudio archive of latest edition of Two’s a Crowd.

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  1. Posted March 26, 2005 at 5:01 pm | Permalink

    Born As Many Men

    BBC Radio 4 has begun a fascinating series on personal identity. The edition (Realaudio, 30 minutes) I listened to today looks at how personality is affected by genes to a more fundamental degree than previously thought. (Via Mindhacks blog) Coinciding

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